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Qualified Instructors

Turning Point Driving School is run by Steve Hyde, an experienced Approved Driving Instructor, living and working in this area for over 20 years. 

Turning Point Driving School serves much of:


Waltham Forest

and the surrounding area.

(Driving Lessons in Redbridge, Driving Lessons in Woodford Green, Driving Lessons in Loughton and many more!)


Our Ethos

We believe in delivering complete customer satisfaction, value for money and above all an enjoyable, relaxed approach to teaching you to drive.  


Turning Point provide you with a fully qualified, friendly and professional driving instructor with a commitment to each and every pupil.

At Turning Point we aim to produce confident, safe, considerate drivers  who are fully equipped to deal with the demands of increasingly challenging and changing driving conditions on the roads today. We provide support for every stage of your progression towards passing your test and becoming a fully fledged driver.
Whether you are a total beginner, novice or experienced driver (but need your skills refreshing or confidence boosting!), we can provide the programme that suits you. We work from the DSA approved syllabus  utilising the skills list from the 'Driver's Record' - a document highly recommended for structured learning by the Driving Standards Agency.


Turning Point Driving School - Woodford Green

No Trainee ADIs
We do not use trainee instructors, as is the practice of many franchises, so you can be sure you are getting a fully trained expert.

Independent Advantage
Since we are independent, not part of a franchise school, we are not subject to the pressures of meeting the high costs that some franchises demand from their instructors. As a result, we can pass savings on to you.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Turning Point prides itself on a pupil focussed ethos, our independence allows us flexibility to cater for every individual pupil's needs and ability level on a one to one basis.

Mock Tests
When you are getting close to your test, we make use of 'mock tests'. Mock tests are used as a diagnostic tool to highlight strengths and weaknesses, as well as giving you an insight into the test experience and develop the mindset required to pass. 

Pass Plus
In addition, at Turning Point we are 'Pass Plus' registered.This means we can offer tuition once you have passed your test that will help you become an even more competent and confident driver - with Pass Plus you even get a discount of up to 25% on some insurance premiums

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Lesson Prices

* lessons may be taken in 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions, depending on availability. Booking a block of lessons is a payment commitment you make in order to receive a discount. If for some reason you cannot take all lessons within a block, it is not our policy to reimburse for the remaining lessons. However, we are willing to reverse this policy should certain circumstances arise. This will be judged on an individual basis. Any refunds made will assume the lessons already taken as part of the block were at full price. All prices may be subject to change.


 'I came across Steve on Google and it was a great find! Steve was always calm and patient and is definitely one of those instructors who doesn't make you feel anxious or on edge. One thing in particular that I felt really helped me was when I made a mistake, Steve would ask me a question that made me think about what I did and gave me the chance to see if knew what I should have done instead of having a go. 

If you are looking to have lessons with a great instructor, lessons which you will enjoy, laugh and learn a lot, I honestly would recommend Steve to anyone looking to pass their test.'

Nikhil - December 2016

I would like to start off by saying a huge thank you to Steve for teaching me how to drive well and I would highly recommend him. As Steve being my instructor, it kept my nerves down and I was more confident in my driving due to how brilliant of an instructor he is. Steve is very patient and calm whilst teaching which we all need and he goes through everything and allows you to learn at your own pace. Every lesson we had, I knew it was worth it and the quality of the lessons was excellent. I would recommend Steve to anyone who is learning to drive whether they are beginners or returning to driving. Many thanks,

Josh - November 2016

 Steve is a great driving instructor, he was always very patience and calm when I was learning to drive. I passed my test first time at wanstead test center and couldn't have done it without Steve. I recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive for the first time as he makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you so much for helping me pass and all the best for the future. 

Isla - September 2016


"After some stop start lessons with unreliable instructors and an intensive course with a very poorly managed school, luckily I found success with Steve at Turning Point. His punctuality, communication skills and flexibility are qualities which a student should rightly expect but will not often find in other instructors. I passed 2nd time but I think I can get away with saying I passed 1st time . . . with Steve!"

Jamie - July 2016

For the first few lessons I struggled to get to grips with the basics of driving, however Steve was incredibly helpful and explained to me how the car works and took it slow with me. I felt this approach was critical for my driving experience and from the first lesson I knew Steve would be an exceptional instructor and teacher. I wasn't at all the best driver but Steve adapted to my needs and he helped me to comfortably overcome any challenges I faced. Steve has an very warm and welcoming personality, which made my lessons fly by with him and allowed them to be rather enjoyable. I did not pass my first test which had a strong impact on my confidence, however Steve knew how to react to this knock and in no time I was back at my best and I pasted on my second try. I cannot thank him enough for the experience he has provided me with I will certainly be recommending him to all my friends.

Andreas - May 2016

Steve was recommended to me and I started learning with him in October 2015, just after my 17th birthday.  I found him to be a very good teacher since not only was he patient, supportive and explained everything clearly, he gave me lots of useful tips which I will always remember.  He was not afraid to correct my mistakes but it never knocked my confidence since it was given in a constructive and positive way.  He also told me when I did something well which boosted my confidence further and he always told me I could do it and didn’t doubt me once.  Steve was always punctual and flexible around my busy schedule and always tried to fit me in when he could.  He had lots of funny stories to tell and I always looked forward to my lessons with him.  I was so pleased to pass first time and I put this down to Steve’s excellent teaching and I recommend him whole-heartedly.  

Esther -  April 2016

Before you Start

Before you begin, there are some requirements you need to meet:

You must be 17 years of age or over. Did you know you can apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday?

You must hold a preliminary licence.

For details of how to apply - follow this link:
You must not have any convictions or related restrictions that mean you cannot apply for a licence
You must make sure any vehicle you drive is roadworthy and properly taxed and insured - at Turning Point, this is taken care of for you, the vehicle we use is well maintained, taxed accordingly and has the insurance you need.
You must meet the legally defined eyesight requirements - you must be able to read a new-style registration plate from 20 metres (66ft) or an old-style one from 20.5 metres (67ft).
Before your test the examiner will ask you to demonstrate that you can do this, you will have 3 chances to get this right. If you need glasses or contact lenses you can wear them but they then must be worn for the rest of the test - this is a legal requirement.
NB: You should inform the DVLA when applying for your driving licence if you have any visual condition which affects both eyes (not including long/short or colourblindness); and visual condition that affects your sight (for instance reduced peripheral vision, only one eye). You should also declare on your preliminary licence if you have had corrective surgery on your eyes.



How long will it take to pass my test?

The official DSA statistics for the amount of hours tuition to pass a driving test is 40 to 45 hours with an additional 20 hours of private practice. Of course this is a guideline figure and is in no way typical of every learner, but should be used as an estimate of time. At Turning Point, we are aware that each pupil will learn at a different rate; therefore we ensure the best possible tuition is given to enable each and every pupil to achieve the required results, at a pace that is suitable, yet challenging and manageable. 

How many lessons will I need?

Everyone learns at a different rate so there can be no definitive answer to this question. But since DSA official statistics state the average is 40 to 45 hours, then if you take hourly lessons it will take 40 to 45 lessons (not including any private practice you take). You may decide to take 1 and a half or 2 hour lessons which will undoubtably accelerate your progress, if this is the case, you could be ready for your test quicker. 

What car will I be learning in?

We have chosen the Vauxhall Corsa based on it's ease of use and suitablilty. It is compact, manouverable, easy to use and has good all round visibility. These attributes mean it will be a good car to get you started. Plus, dual controls mean you can be sure you are in a safe, controlled environment. 

What is an ADI?

 ADI is Approved Driving Instructor; Trained to exacting DSA standards, having undergone thorough and comprehensive training with an advanced knowledge of theory, and a high level of driving ability and skill. 

Why should I use an instructor?

 Some people ask a parent or an older family friend to teach them to drive. While this has it's advantages, an ADI has been trained specifically to use the DSA syllabus and will be able to apply a range of teaching techniques to suit the learner. They have up to date knowledge of what the driving test requirements are and have a range of resources availaible to support the learner. In addition, there are proposals that may lead to this kind of private tuition being made illegal. 

Why should I use an independent driving school/instructor?

Of course it is entirely up to each individual who they choose. Independent driving schools often rely on 'word-of-mouth' for their continuing business, this means they have to provide a good service so they can maintain their business. Many franchises provide a constant stream of pupils to their instructors, regardless of the instructors ability and success rate. Also, with franchises you may feel you have more peace of mind as you are with a well known organisation; but you may be unaware that many franchises use instructors who are still only on a trainee licence and have not yet qualified although this will not be reflected in the price of the lesson. At Turning Point you will be learning with a fully qualified ADI. 

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